Java Deployment as Package with PS App Depolyment Toolkit

Lately i was asked to finally implement Java Updates to our SCCM solution. I was thinking another msi, no problem. I was very wrong, spent 3 days to do it. Java isn’t like any other program you deploy via SCCM, there are 2 important points you have to remember:

  1. no web browser can be open during the installation,
  2. you have to inform the user that the web browser will be closed and give him ability to delay it.

There are many blogs on how to deploy Java Updates via Package or Application but none of them works for me. Even the simple MSI deployment don’t work anymore with the newest Java Update because of the dividing the install on msi and big cab file, do not know why but clients get only the small msi file and are missing the cab file.

Below are my findings and i have to say this little app (PS script), that let me finally install Java flawlessly, is awesome and can be used for any deployment or deinstallation process.

PS App Deployment Toolkit


Deploying Java update to computers with information to the users and ability to deferral.


CM Server Windows 2012 STD:

  • SCCM 2012 SP1

Process Overview:

  1. Download PS App Deployment Toolkit,
  2. Download MSI version of Java Update,
  3. Modify PS App Deployment Toolkit script,
  4. Copy Java files,
  5. Create Package,
  6. Deploy and enjoy.



After downloading and unpacking PS APP Deployment Toolkit we will get catalog containing some files and other catalogs. For deployment we need only the toolkit catalog with all files an catalogs that it contains. There is a great AdminGuide docx in the package too, that is pretty awesome and full of detailed info how to use and what to modify.

Now we need to download Offline installer of Java and extract the msi and cab files. Info on how to do that can be find on many blogs.

I really do not want to copy/paste content from the AdminGuide, all information on how to successfully deploy Java Interactively to your users is in that file. I can only say it works great is explained super simple and have many options to customize it the way you like it.



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