I was born 1982 in Poland. I can still remember how it was during communism. Since the early years of my life I have always drawn attention  to new technologies. That’s why after grade school I started to learn in Electric High School. Afterwards, there was a short episode of my studies in Automatic and Robotic Deparpment, but that was not my thing. From a time perspective I can say that leaving that path was the best thing I had done. Shortly, i have started to study IT, and there my adventure with “binary language” has been started. This language gave me my Wife who I meat in MMORPG game and the best think that happened to me – my daughter. I still love but sometimes hate the “binary language” of IT. I love IT when I achieve something after days of struggle and hate IT while struggling with IT ;]. So that’s the story of my life in few sentences, hope my blog will help someone. I use this blog as my “private” notepad with important info about configs, tips and tricks that can be easily forgotten and can make my life easier in the future. I know OneNote is better but I would like to participate in the world of IT like other have helping me countless times to solve my IT problems ;]


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